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Sending Machine
A vending machine that sends rather than dispenses
Creative direction & oversight • Art direction • Technology oversight • Case study video production
The problem:
Foodbanks benefit from people donating items as they leave a supermarket, or by direct donations, but the items are at their discretion. They're not necessarily items that a foodbank actually needs right there and then, so how do we create a way of being more targeted whilst adding a real sense of well-being, a person then knowing that their contribution will make a real difference to those that need it most?

The solution:
What if we created a vending machine that works in reverse?

Rather than buy a chocolate bar or a can of pop for yourself, why not pay for and send a virtual/real item instead...

From this idea, the Sending Machine was born.

We consulted with one of our charity partners, a food bank and distribution charity called The First Love Foundation. They loved the idea and wanted to get on board to trial and test out the idea. As a Sapient-sponsored initiative, kindly supported and funded by our Managing Director, our creative team got to work with our technology innovation man, Mark (he of Hackathon teaser films and Data Ducks fame), to develop the idea.

Utilising a full-size touchscreen to select your item, and incorporating a touch payment system, we created a virtual basket full selection of everyday items - from apples to rice pudding - rendered in glorious 3D, and then incorporated those into an interactive, animated purchase and send live customer experience.

The items that were purchased were added to a virtual shopping basket via connecting with a nearby wholesaler and then delivered in bulk for storage at their warehouse before distribution to the public.

The result:
A virtual experience that was loved by our employees and clients, with big plans to roll out to supermarket chains, airports, railway stations, etc., working anywhere with high footfall.

Watch this space.
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