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Welcome to my creative design world.

I love telling stories via all sorts of creative media. Whether that's coming up with ideas for brands to visually express what they stand for across multiple touch-points, designing super clean presentations and designs to express those thoughts and ideas, or creating and crafting films that really bring their stories to life.

The scope of subjects and the range of clients that I have worked with have always been varied and exciting. These have covered everything from leveraging the power of AI to telling stories about digital business transformations in financial services, automotive, retail, and healthcare; either in agile teams, running creative departments, or as a stand-alone creative and designer.

My work helps simplify and amplify the power and excitement of digital change in an ever more technology-focused world.

The heart of everything I do is focused on the benefits to the end customer. People mean everything to the clients I work with and those customers, along with the people I work with, mean everything to me.

Mixing my creative thinking and hands-on skills with brilliant clients, designers, content strategists, engineers, project managers, animators and producers (to name but a few disciplines), has been, so far, one heck of an exciting ride.

You can check out my background on LinkedIn and, if you'd like to, experience the more eclectic side of what goes on in my world by clicking on the Art button above, or come on some journeys with me to some amazing places via my Photography website.

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Not many people know that I’m also a…
Personal best: 27 meters (the height of a six-story building).
Longest breath hold: 5 minutes 3 seconds.
Slot car racer
I know, I know, but it's seriously competitive!
How much fun can you have on a Monday evening?
Day Skipper
The fools signed me off, so I can hire a yacht anywhere.
I love being on top of the water as well as under it.

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