People say the nicest things
It's always been my policy to work with the brightest and most talented people. Thankfully, for me, they seem to like what I do…

“I've had the honor and pleasure of working with Neal for two years at Publicis Sapient, creating branded content. I can't say enough about Neal's talent and how highly I think of him and his work. Neal is truly gifted at his craft; he has an excellent creative eye and strategic mind, and he is fantastic to collaborate with. Don't hesitate to contact me for additional information regarding my working relationship with Neal."

Valencia Mitchell
Vice President - Global brand marketing.
Publicis Sapient
“I have had the pleasure of working with Neal over the years on creative projects - ranging from concepting products and brands, designing identities, and dreaming up and executing video content. He is a joy to work with because he's a great thinker, a collaborative teammate and delivers high quality work. I love introducing him to clients and watching him solve creative problems for them.”

Francesca Sorrentino
Senior Client Partner.
Publicis Sapient
“I've had the pleasure of working with Neal for over a year during his time at Publicis Sapient. He is undeniably brilliant in his craft, consistently demonstrating a remarkable capacity for creativity that breathes new life into every project. His out-of-the-box thinking is truly inspiring, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. What sets Neal apart is his unwavering commitment to finding innovative solutions. No challenge is too daunting; approaches them with enthusiasm and determination, consistently delivering outstanding results. His ability to thrive under pressure and consistently exceed expectations makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Neal is a visionary leader in both the experience and creative field. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside him, and any company will be lucky to have him as part of their team!"

Camila Correa
Global Brand Marketing Senior Manager.
Publicis Sapient
“Neal, your creative genius behind our videos transformed engineering into a powerful brand for us. Your ability to grasp the heart of engineering and convey it in plain language is truly remarkable. Thanks for everything."

Pinak Kiran Vedalankar
Group Vice President
of Technology.
Publicis Sapient
“Neal and his team have been instrumental in helping Publicis Sapient broadcast and design for what's happening in the business. From events led by our Business Resource Groups, to company parties, seminars and client gatherings, to all new way finding graphics for our office refurbishment. He even insisted that we adjust the letter spacing in the room number door signage, he really is that detail oriented!

Neal always delivers creativity, craft and on point design to everything we've asked him to create for us, and has been a fundamental part of our culture and community. We will miss him and his can do attitude, and his understanding of how important culture/community is in our business."

Erika Baldwin
Head of Environment Experience.
Publicis Sapient
“Kindness, sense of humour, a gentle yet strategic and pragmatic approach - Neal has it all to give you the best design and video experience you dream of - customised for you, your team and your clients."

Claudia Agostino
Senior Associate, Learning & Talent.
Publicis Sapient
“If Neal was a book, he'd be an open one. A book crammed full of anecdotes, wisdom, curiosity, and an abundance of talent. And with a superb, uniquely designed cover. It's a joy to be around him and bask in his creativity, work with him, and collaborate or just shoot the breeze. A true people person, leader, creative and all-round excellent human being."

Gary Lewis
Senior copywriter.
Publicis Sapient
“I can honestly say that there are very few creative people I've met that I've rated! And you my friend are one of them. I very much appreciate all the help and support you've given over the last few years and in particularly across so many diverse requests!

Losing you will be felt by us all."

Braley Gamage
Senior Client Partner.
Publicis Sapient
Thanks to my amazing colleagues!
Best go and make a nice cup of tea and grab a biscuit after reading all of those!

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