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PS X Newsletter
An all-new Experience Design newsletter
Creative direction • Art direction • Design • Illustration • Typography
The problem:
The Experience capability at Publicis Sapient needed a new communication channel to convey all of the latest news and updates by the creative teams, to the creative teams, internationally.

As a part of this brief, my team was asked to develop a new brand look and feel for Experience. Something unique to us as a capability, and then create a monthly newsletter template that the leadership team could then populate and distribute.

The solution:
I collaborated with the global Experience Design leadership team to ideate and create the brand and newsletter which was packed with up-to-the-minute news and case studies from around the globe.

We brainstormed and together came up with the name PS X PRESS. The X representing Experience.

The final newsletter design was created in Mail Chimp so that we could create and manage a mailing list database to enable the leadership team to own the monthly roll-out themselves.

Ultimately, we planned to ask the international Experience community to submit their own X as a piece of typographical art that we could then build into an animated sequence, creating a graphic that represents all of our amazing talent coming together as one.

You can view an animated test of this idea below.

The result:
The international Experience teams loved the newsletter format. It generated excitement within the business and enhanced international collaboration. A great starting place from which to build and expand upon.

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