Creative pitch ideas and concept development
Concept • Creative direction • Art direction • Design
The problem:
Work as one inter-agency team (with Saatchi and Saatchi) to develop a new advertising and digital innovation campaign for this industry-leading energy supply company.

The solution:
The collaboration saw us working very closely with our Publicis Groupe agency partner to develop an end-to-end pitch campaign.

Together we created Flo, a customer-centric energy app where customers can manage their energy use and in-home system.

The result:
You can't win them all. On this occasion, we didn't win the project, but we did learn a shed load about the energy/retail sector and how to work efficiently with our agency partners, as well as how home energy management apps can enable customers to better control their energy supplies, heating and manage their associated costs.

I particularly loved working on this project which is why I've included it here. It demonstrates some great work, so why not?

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