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Fast Lane Data - Live Event
A one-day-only Data Fair held in our client's office
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The problem:
How do you get actual people involved, as a business, in better understanding how you managed to wrangle legacy data from all manner of hard drives and out-of-date systems (and paperwork) into one cohesive database? One designed in such a way that you can cherry-pick live data transactions at will to specifically target customers with tailored transaction confirmation messages and targeted product advertising.

The solution:
Well, you can create a case study video, which we did - see below - but we also wanted to bring this groundbreaking piece of work by Lloyds Banking Group to life, in a real environment.

To tell the story firsthand of the all-new Fast Lane Data network, we created a live data fair event within a Lloyds Bank office in London.

We separated the experience into four distinct fairground stall areas, each with its own specialist technology and data representative, who was on hand to convey information about Fast Lane Data to attendees.

The ability to pull live data, at will, from the database made us think of the classic hook-a-duck game that you see at fun fairs, and from this, our concept was born.

Due to health and safety restrictions, we weren't allowed to install an actual duck pond on-site - think large paddling pool - sad face, so we had to be creative and came up with the next best thing, a hook-a-duck conveyor belt!

Each rubber duck contained its very own unique RFID data chip, and when hooked and placed onto a specially created laptop reader - developed by our in-house technologist, Mark - the duck's data was automatically read and displayed on a monitor. This was our way of simulating the ability to pluck live customer data, at will, from the LBG data stream.

We also created a mystical character called The Amazing Kafka. This was the name given by the engineers to the core processing technology that wrangles all of the data for LBG. Think Zoltan from the film 'Big', and you'll get the idea. You can see Kafka at work in the film below. We dressed up the actual engineering program lead to appear in the film. Thankfully he was up for it!

The result:
The Fast Lane Data Fair was born and launched to great acclaim from senior LBG clients, engineers, and curious LBG employees. The live event was then packaged up and subsequently went on tour to LBG offices all over the country. It even went to India to visit our off-shore engineering community, conveyor belt and all.

When leaving the event attendees were each given a data duck to take home with them, but only when they'd left some personal data...
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