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Concept • Art direction • Creative direction • Design • Illustration • Video production • Photography
The problem:
Lloyds Banking Group wanted to support customers in areas where branches were closing down due to business restructuring and to better enable and encourage them to start banking online. One of the main issues was that to achieve this the business couldn't just assume that all customers were digitally savvy, or were confident using smartphone technology and apps. Also, LBG couldn't assume that their in-branch colleagues were comfortable with the concept of Internet banking and how it works.

The solution:
Right from the start we proposed an educational program to train colleagues so they would feel confident when assisting customers. This would not only involve teaching sessions and the preparation of educational materials, but also the development of a digital safe space where both colleagues and customers could practice the various aspects of Internet banking in real-time, without using real money. We called this digital playground 'Practice Run'. We also created an online learning hub for LBG colleagues to undergo training so that they could then approach customers in-branch offering one-to-one sessions, via a handheld tablet device, to build confidence and encourage uptake. Ultimately encouraging customers to download the banking app and go mobile first. DE&I, of course, was a huge consideration in the rollout. The program had to be all-inclusive.

My role was to work as an integral part of an agile LBG team to ideate, design, create, and deliver colleague-facing tools and communications across multiple touchpoints. Everything from in-branch posters and internal communications to training films, design for print items, and to designing the UX frontend interface for the practice run and learning hub tools. We did this not only for Lloyds Bank but also for its group banking partners, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

The result:
A huge impact was made across LBG group and with its colleagues and customers, building trust, job satisfaction, and confidence, especially with older members of local communities and those with disabilities.
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