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How do we talk about the way our engineering teams work?
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The problem:
Traditionally DevOps (Developers and Operations), within the realms of engineering, was mainly about tools and automation. Beyond that, it's really about creating the right culture to improve artifact delivery, predictability, efficiency, security, maintainability, and morale, right across an organisation.

To do this, you need the right mix of automation, processes, and people.

The solution:
There are seven main Principles of DevOps/agile engineering:

Collaboration • Operability as a 1st Class Citizen • Automation • Fast Feedback Loops • Shared Goals • Lean Fast Flow • Focus on people

So how can we express all of this in a way that will engage, inform, and make it memorable for the engineering community?

Gamification! Engineers are very competitive and love gaming.

Having the right team and tools to problem solve across different levels to move forward sounded to us like a classic RPG game. Specifically classics, like 'Legend of Zelda'.

So how does our solution work?

The presentation recipient plays the role of the agile Coach, exploring each of the
stages of delivery, learning the seven principles, whilst earning badges along the way.

The result:
A thoroughly engaging, immersive, and interactive presentation that was given in person to Sapient clients and internal engineering audiences, across all industry verticals. It transformed the way agile teams work at both Sapient and with our clients, drove efficiencies, and made the teams much more cost-effective.

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