Virtual Lantern Festival
Lunar New Year 2021
Concept • Design • Art Direction • Creative direction • UX and UI design oversight
The problem:
To celebrate the Lunar New Year and to reinforce Sapients DE&I principles, a group of us came together outside of our day-to-day client work, to create an immersive experience that everyone could enjoy and have fun with.

The solution:
Create a virtual online lantern release experience that everyone in the business could access, create a personalised message in and then release, virtually, into the night sky.

Essentially we wanted to create a space where people could customise their very own lantern by selecting a lantern shape, adding text and icons, then releasing it to the world.

The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year in countries across Asia. For more than 2000 years, people have come together to release paper lanterns with messages of good fortune, prosperity, and love.

The result:
People from across the business interacted with the lantern website, releasing hundreds of messages, all of which could be clicked on and read by simply selecting a lantern floating in the sky and clicking on it.

We did have to moderate the site, just to ensure that no one posted anything offensive, but even if they did we knew who they were as they had to sign up to send their message in the first place.

This was a great little side project to work on and it was a pleasure to have worked with such an amazing team to deliver it in record time.
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